Case Studies — Applications and Users of Rencay Scanning Systems

The following descriptions of possible applications is certainly not complete. The flexibility and modularity of the Rencay system creates many opportunities that we might not even be aware of today. Imagination and creativity combined with the unique capabilities of the scanning backs has, and will continue to result in impressive photographic imaging. Perhaps you have an idea that you would like to explore...please contact us, we would like to help you realize your objectives.

Fine Art

Cut out of a painting on canvas

FineArt places special demands on the reproduction of detail and color fidelity in digital reproduction. Through an integrated color-management workflow and Rencay’s faithful reproduction of colors, we offer a perfect capture system to our Fine Art clients from capture to print.  The RenView software provides a Shading Correction tool to contribute to a perfect reproduction. It will correct for any variations in the illumination of the subject surface due to strong side lighting for texture or enhancement of the original, as well as any falloff from the lighting setup or the lens itself.

Archive Digitization & Preservation
A glass negative is just one of many kinds of originals found in an institution’s archive.

The digital preservation of heterogeneous assets requires a particularly flexible digitizing solution. By integrating the Rencay Scanning Back with components selected specifically for your needs, it is possible to easily change from scanning negatives, to documents, photographs, books, and many other materials within the same system solution.  The ease of adjusting to varied sizes of originals, DPI settings, tone range, and other parameters of the setup in combination with the absolute even illumination through our Shading Correction assures a consistently high quality reproduction of your archives.

Cultural Heritage

Many types of originals place high demands on quality and flexibility.

A sustainable digitization and long-term archiving project of Cultural Heritage collections sets high standards that must be met for color, detail and the structural reproduction of the original. Rencay offers simple-to-use, but high-quality digitizing solutions, which have endured over decades.  Customizable automation, repeatability quality, auto-naming, and batch save mode provide an efficient workflow. The easy adjustment of DPI or format can comply to any specifications.

Decor Industry — Digitizing of Diverse Material

Old wood as example

In order to meet the specific demands of the decor industry Rencay can deliver extraordinary detail reproduction and accommodate a wide variety of material structures.  The Shading Correction tool in the RenView software can compensate for uneven illumination when the lighting is modified to emphasize the texture of the subject. The Flash Focus LEDs on the scanning back shutter helps to position the subject within the area of capture without viewing through the camera or making multiple Prescans. Both of these tools help when stitching multiple scans together is necessary for oversized originals. The natural color accuracy of the trilinear sensor and our integrated color management workflow ensures perfect color reproduction. A variety of copyholders are available to ensure easy digitization of all types of materials.

Digitization on Location — At a Cultural Monument

Digitization of this wall painting could only done on location.

The digitization of cultural heritage subjects on location requires a high level of knowledge and flexibility. Using a Rencay Scanning Back will make sure that you do not have to lower your expectations in capture quality. Not only is it important for the preservation of the assets, providing high-resolution images is significant to provide the detailed information needed for scientific and research study. High-resolution scanning can bring our cultural heritage treasures out of basements and private storage and make it available to the interested public.

Documentation and Quality Assurance — In Industry and Institutions
Chip with 17 µm bonding wires

Due to the extraordinary ability of the Rencay system to reproduce detail and texture there are many other applications found in the fields of industrial documentation and quality assurance or forensic sciences. The repeatable workflow assures consistent quality and the Shading Correction can compensate for undesirable lighting effects in the environment. The trilinear technology eliminates problems with moiré pattern effects and will faithfully capture the tiny details, even with very low contrast. The flexibility of the modular system makes a fast and easy workflow for many different types of subjects.