RENCAY Camera with "perfect focus" technology
The "perfect focus" feature finds the perfect setting - always !

There are two types of RENCAY large format cameras to choose from: a manual version and an autofocus version. The manual version is particularly useful in applications where predominantly the same focus setting is used (for example, when using book cradles or digitizing objects with identical formats). The autofocus version is equipped with an integrated rangefinder function. The focus is adjusted based on the measurement of the distance to the object being photographed (autofocus function). The software based "perfect focus" feature always finds the perfect setting. Of course, the distance can also be set manually. All camera controls are completely integrated in the RENVIEW software including useful information, such as depth of field, maximum scan size, and lens properties. In connection with compatible original holders, the camera can be automatically adjusted to the object size. There are many lenses available – ranging from 90 mm to 180mm.


The camera is adjusted via a high-precision spindle drive. Undesired adjustments can be prevented by using a position lock.

Industry-Proven Quality

When developing our camera, we made use of innovative methods. The result is a product which combines elements of precision and mechanical engineering. It provides a unique design as well as high precision and robustness. In addition, it makes use of innovative sensors, such as the ultrasonic rangefinder. The measurement values of the lens are sent via a wireless connection from the lens mount adapters to the camera. Robust locking mechanisms for lens and scan back assure a tight fit and prevent damage due accidental dropping. The cameras can be equipped with a quick release mounting plate or a tripod socket. The lens adapters also have an additional vertical shift function.


All important functions can be directly operated via buttons on the camera (e.g. fine adjustment, autofocus). Since the camera uses the same interface ports as the scan back, there are no additional cables necessary. Using the RENVIEW software provides additional options, such as exact focal plane adjustment, precise object size setting, depth of field display, etc.

Lenses on RENCAY lens adapters.
Motorized repro stand
The camera supports automatic adjustments of the motorized repro stand.
Intuitive operation via four buttons.